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Library - Multi-Media Center

New Additions to the Library Center.

Library - Multi-Media Center

Charlie Smith, a man after God’s own heart, by Jim UsherCharlie Smith demonstrated an uncommon love for the poor and stood against the tide of normal to implement visions on their behalf by founding H.E.A.R.T. which trains and prepares students to be missionaries.  The result was to connect Central and North American churches in a ministry to the poor by Heart to Honduras.

Desert Night, Desert Day by Anthony D. Fredericks, illustrated by Kenneth J. Spengler is a gloriously illustrated book about creatures of the Sonoran Desert.  Designed to education and entertain both children and adults, every page is a study of colorful contrast, with subtle hidden shadows of both the creature just seen on the previous pages and the curator to come on the following pages.  Children and adults will have fun looking for the quail hidden in every illustration, the desert guide through the pages.

In memory of Mary Anne Neff, the Montgomery family has donated Appleseed Values by Ann Corfman and Nancy Sherwood, illustrated by Deborah Ullery.  The authors ask why did John Chapman become a legend?  It was the values by which he lived that help us remember him.  So, what were the values by which Johnny Appleseed lived?  How can we recognize them and learn to live by them as he did?  This book was written to answer these questions.  As usual, look for these new titles and other books on the Library table in the vestibule and check out the church library for a variety of excellent books.

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