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Church Ministry Teams
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Xenia - Ministry Teams

  Spiritual Growth Team

The Spiritual Growth Ministry Team promotes, fosters, and allows spiritual growth in our church by learning an experiencing God’s word. We acknowledge that as the embodiment of Jesus Christ, the church fulfills its mission by engaging in activities that allow the holy Spirit to work in our lives.

  Stewardship Team

The Stewardship Ministry Team is responsible for all financial activities within the church and identifies individuals to chair the annual Stewardship Drive. This budget reflects the activities and costs associated with the annual stewardship drive.

  Mission Team

The Mission Ministry Team accomplishes outreach/evangelism efforts which are what Jesus commanded us to do for our fellow inhabitants of the world. Take his message into all the world and to love our neighbors. We do this with evangelism to local people and outreach mission projects. Taking Christ’s message and love into the world is the goal of this mission ministry team.

  Personnel Team

The Personnel Ministry Team is the fair and equitable administration of the Church’s Personnel Policy as approved and directed by the Church Session to support all programs of the Church.

  Worship Team

The Worship Ministry Team works with our worship leaders, staff, and other congregational members to provide our church family with a meaningful worship service. We praise and honor God with music, scriptures, the message, and prayers.

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