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Church Officers

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Xenia - Elected Officers


Clerk of Session: Judy Martin

Church Officers

Nine Elders and the Pastor form the Session and they oversee the spiritual business of the congregation. Several Ministry Teams are chaired by Elders but other members-at-large conduct various programs of the church. The Session receives reports from the Trustees and the Board of Deacons. Also, our Session is responsible for receiving new members into the congregation and is the final authority for all decisions on behalf of the congregation except for the election of the Pastor.


Chairperson: Robin Riley

Church Officers

The Deacons provide a comforting hand for those who are experiencing grief or trauma. They serve our church members and those in our community with love and thoughtfulness. Our Deacons arrange for funeral meals, visit our shut-ins, provide Christian reading material for our military and shut-in members, send care bags to our college students, and serve our community when needs arise.


Chairperson: Luke Prindle

Church Officers

The Trustees are responsible for maintaining the physical facilities for the furtherance of God′s work and will work diligently to accomplish this task.

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